Kids in Business - Family Ties

Kids in Business is a new children's series about a group of foster children who decide to work together to raise money to help orphans and foster children in third world countries to receive the education, nourishment and medical treatment they need.

Book One Family Ties follows 11 year old Abigail Jackson as she embarks on an exciting journey with her foster parents and their grandson in the beautiful country of Indonesia.

While on their family holiday, Abby experiences what it feels like to live like any other child, without the constant reminder of being a child in foster care.

Then she meets children who, like her don't have their biological parents in their life. Their lives are so vastly different to her own, she realises just how lucky she really is and decides to do all she can to help all children around the world to have a chance to feel as lucky as she does.

With the help of her loving foster family, the Kids in Business is born.

That Horrible Child

A hilarious collection of short stories written about Kylie's own childhood antics. A memoir of tales about the many ways in which Kylie challenged and tested the adults around her. An insight into the childish innocence that we all carry within.

'My mother was often confronted with questions regarding my 'disabilities' and many people attempted to self diagnose me with behavioural disorders. Everything I did, I was able to justify with my own level of reasoning, which came to be known as Kylie Logic'

From blocked drains and make-up horrors to kidnapped seniors and infants.

One child managed it all.

If you think you were a troublesome child, or you believe your own children are hard to handle, you need to read this book.

Because sometimes even the most horrible child has innocent intentions.

Complete Poetry Works - Vol. 1

A collection of poetry written throughout Kylie's life, from her very first poem written at the tender age of five to poetry written just before publication of this book.

'Poetry is my passion and a way for me to express myself, whether I am elated or within the grips of my chronic depression, I find that allowing my emotions to flow onto the page not only gives me insight to what I am feeling, but also helps me to work my way through the quicksand of emotions to come out the other side stronger, wiser and more confident.'

Go on a journey through Kylie's battle with depression, her days living on the streets, love found and lost and learning to thrive after sexual assault.

A very personal tale of overcoming some of life's hardest challenges.

A book of pure self expression, Kylie opens her heart and gives you insight to her raw emotions, not only in her bravest of moments, but also through her darkest hours.


Not Like Dad

'Even at the tender age of six, he knew his place in the world was at the lowest end of the scale.'

Two siblings, forced apart by circumstances they would never be able to comprehend.

Two lives vastly different from one another with only one thing in common.

Their father.

A story of bravery, strength and one man who overcame his past, to become the man he always wanted to be. 

Based on true events.

Kids In Business

Daredevil Derrick

'All foster kids are siblings. We stick together. It's what we do'

One mistake. That's all it was. Just one stupid thing he did that got him into a world of trouble. 

From a private school, living at home with his mum, wishing his dad would come back home, to being expelled and suddenly finding himself moving into the Harris' household.

Before Derrick even gets a chance to accept his situation, he is confronted with the rude neighbours who look down their nose at him, labelling him as one of 'those sorts'. 

Filled with anger over his situation and a hatred of foster care, Derrick fights back at every opportunity. But no matter how hard he fights, his foster family stand by him and have his back at every turn.

It's hard to remain bitter towards people who constantly strive to do right by you, but how can he accept them without rejecting his real family?

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