Battle On

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Feeling distanced, so far away, Not knowing the difference between night or day, So lost and confused, I don't understand, Why no one can see when I hold out my hand, All efforts I make, all the times that I try, Withers me away and lets inspiration die, What will it take? How much will it cost? To make me be seen before all of me is lost? Another diagnosis, pop another pill, It won't be a cure, but you'll feel less ill, You're not a real addict with a script in your hand, Just another way we put our heads in the sand, You all say you're here, you all say that you care, But this experience is mine, it's not one we share, Don't tell me you know, or understand what I feel, Until you walk my path, those words won't be real, Right now I feel lost and broken it's true, But that's not your fault, its nothing to do with you, But don't think I'll fall, or run off my track, Giving up is a quality I seem to lack, I'm going to get through this, I'm going to win, Achievement is now my new deadly sin, Yes I will struggle and sometimes complain, But my life long dreams will still remain, I will do what I need to live a life I love, I'll keep soldiering on and rising above, This will not break me, I promise you this, I'll raise my middle finger and blow life a kiss.

To read more poetry by Kylie Abecca, a copy of her book 'Complete Poetry Works' is available on this website under the 'Books' tab, or you can purchase a copy from Amazon. Click on accompanying photo to view purchase options on

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