Shattered Reflections

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

A broken heart, a shattered soul,

The demons within are taking their toll,

My mind is working overtime,

It's time for me to draw the line,

Like broken shards from a crystal ball,

I have no choice but to let the pieces fall,

There's no point in putting them back again,

Once broken and shattered, it's never the same,

Looking back, I often wondered why,

I settled for people who only lied,

To live a life of pure honesty,

Is something that will never happen to me,

Depressing as this poem may seem,

Why don't you read it again to see what I mean,

I often come across the wrong way,

It doesn't seem to matter what I say,

But if you want to understand me,

Look a little closer, tell me what you see,

Behind the laugh, behind the smile,

Is a girl who's been dragged over every hard mile,

I'm not asking for help, not asking for a hug,

I can get out of this hole I myself dug,

Just close your mouth, keep opinions to yourself,

I know how to play with the cards i've been dealt,

Just leave me alone, I don't want to hear lies,

Only honesty do I want to see with these eyes,

I can pick up and I can move forward,

A new life for me I have to work toward,

Think what you like, shadow me with doubt,

But I will stand tall and show you what I'm all about.

This poem was written following a 'Not Guilty' verdict after facing my attacker in court. Moving on from sexual assault.

Photo taken by Kylie Abecca at Walpole, Western Australia.

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