The creature’s eyes shone in the grey mist as though they were unleashing some kind of unexplained evil presence. Flesh and fur alike hung from it’s body in bloodied masses. It was a wonder as if the creature was even alike.

A low rumble escaped it’s mouth and echoed through the wilderness. Animals scurried to hide and birds flew from trees in all directions. The creature’s mouth was turned up at the sides, showing white, gleaming teeth. IT was definitely alive.

Fear showed itself through the young woman’s eyes. She was too afraid to breathe and her heart was pounding through her chest. She noted the patches that were barely visible on the creatures back. The golden brown ring over it’s back, tracing down it’s sides and the deep circle in the centre of it’s back. It wasn’t possible. It simply couldn’t be.

“That’s not my dog”. She stated simply, as though to herself, between her short, shallow gasps of air. Her head shook from side to side, so slightly that she barely even noticed herself doing it. The creature advanced a step and a half towards them, showing more of it’s teeth and the rumble grew louder, which was thought to be almost impossible for it to do.

Instinctively, the young woman moved backwards, tears streaming down her face from disbelief or fear no one knew. She had all but forgotten the presence of her companion. Realisation of his stance beside her only occurred when he spoke, showing the feelings which now welled within herself.

“That’s Target”. He whispered, as she shook her head and bowed down to the ground in total disbelief. She looked up to see the creature bound off into the bush. Tail high in the wind. It was gone.

Her body simply couldn’t hold the weight of her anymore and she collapsed in a bundle on the ground. Her tears flowed over her nose onto the dry dirt, as her body wreaked with her loud sobs. The real world finally closed itself around her.

The creature was Target.

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