Nature's Fingerprints

A gentle breeze kissed my cheeks and I paused for a moment with my eyes closed and my hair wafted around my face. I took in a deep breath and held it in for a moment, allowing my lungs to fill up and disperse the fresh goodness through my bloodstream. A salty taste filled my mouth when I licked my lips.

I wanted to hold my arms out and allow the experience of freedom to fully enrich me in that moment, but I knew he was nearby and it was quite possible that he would be watching me. I didn’t want to look like an utter fool, so instead I opened my eyes and exhaled as slowly as I dared and took in the breathtaking view before me.

The sun was high up in the heavens and its rays glistened on the soft peaks of current below. The water looked clean and bright, it’s radiant blue contrasting beautifully with its golden cloak. The silhouette of a bird drifted across the landscape and its song carried through the air in perfect harmony with the crashing waves at my feet, before it disappeared behind the rocky outcrop in the distance.

The soft golden sand eased between my toes, as I gently pressed my foot into the delicate earth.

I watched mesmerized, as the tiny crystals cascaded over the bridge of my foot, sending a satisfying tingle throughout my body and I moved forward, plunging my foot deeper, as though the fine granules could heal my damaged body and cleanse my wounded soul.

In the distance he threw a long stick and my two-year-old border collie bounded through the waves in pursuit, his tail waving emphatically.

In that moment, we were all free.

There was no right or wrong, no commitments or rules to adhere to, no hierarchy or status.

Just us, sharing a moment, yet each in our own piece of paradise.

This was living. No alarm clocks and deadlines, no need to fight for a standing within society. Just a perfect moment.

I reached down and filled my hands with sand, marvelling at the uniqueness of each individual grain, no two particles looked quite the same, each was slightly different in shape and size and of it’s own opaque yellow, some so light they were almost transparent.

As if on cue, the bird's song sounded again and the silhouette rose high in the sky and drifted across the horizon. A wave crashed gently at my feet and I wiggled my toes allowing my feet to sink into the soft sand. I tasted the salt on my lips as the wind brushed my hair back and caressed my face.

I closed my eyes once more, lifting my head up to the heavens and breathed in the salt air, filling my lungs completely once again and finally allowing the freedom of the moment to consume me.

I reached my arms out wide and faced my palms outward, allowing the granules of natures fingerprints to slip through my fingers.

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