Offence Isn't Given - It's Taken!

In todays day and age:

We have reached a whole new level of acceptance and understanding throughout the globe. With the rise of social media and easily accessible information, humanity has created a world where anything and everything you do (or don’t do) is potentially offensive to anyone and everyone.

If you eat meat, you offend vegans.

If you are on government benefits you offend taxpayers.

If you paint your skin darker you offend people with dark skin.

If you believe in God, you offend atheists.

If you don’t understand something you are ignorant, but if you ask questions and learn, you are deemed to be arrogant.

If your skin is white you offend people of colour, if your skin is coloured you offend whites.

If you breathe oxygen, you offend trees!!

Stop being offended by every little aspect of todays world. If it does not risk your life or harm you personally, leave it be and walk away.

Sometimes being offended can be more damaging than the offensive act.

It is okay to be offended – but it is not okay to dictate to others and tell them that their offensive actions are inappropriate and should be ceased.

We are all our own person, with different views, different opinions and a different way in which we interact with others.

Be yourself – but let others be themselves too!

If we all worked toward ceasing all acts that can be deemed offensive in some way, the human race would not survive…

Being offended and expecting every offensive action to cease is the quickest way toward human extinction.

Think about it!

Be offended, take a moment to self-reflect on your feelings (whether the offense has caused you pain, anger or otherwise) then move on and let the human race continue…

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