Dear Life

Dear Life,

I am writing this letter to inform you that my current job position as an adult is not what was advertised when I initially applied. Over the duration of my assigned position extra jobs have continued to be added to my job description without any increase in payment, as a matter of fact, I have not received an adequate pay check since I filled this position over 15 years ago.

I was promised that my position as an Adult would give me access to all the sweets and candy I wanted, but no mention was ever given to the fact that these things would make me fat and possibly even give me health problems such as diabetes.

I was also promised enough money to buy as many toys and sweets as I wanted, but was never informed of the additional bills and financial burdens that actually drain my finances until I am worse off than before I began working here as an Adult.

Not once did I ever sign up to additional responsibilities such as house work, paying bills, cooking, sitting on the phone to companies such as Telstra, Centrelink, the Power Corporation and The Shire. Not to mention the need to constantly keep up to date with appointments, not only for myself but for an entire family and to be stuck watching the same show over and over every evening. And I NEVER agreed to be responsible for doing the grocery shopping for anyone else.

Due to the severity of your false advertisement, I hereby resign from my current position as an adult and request that I be demoted back to Childhood. If this is done without any further hassle, I will be considerate enough to not press charges. Yours sincerely,

Kylie Abecca

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