How Do Women Do This?

How do women do this?

As a woman with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), periods are not something I am accustomed to dealing with.

I’ll be dead honest. I really am not in the mood to write this blog today. I think I’m dying – and no one is being sympathetic AT ALL! (yeah I am NOT impressed). I was planning on writing such a lovely blog post this week, but instead I am sitting here feeling like I have been stabbed in the guts a few hundred times staring at my computer screen with zilch motivation to write anything uplifting or motivational.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18. I had visited my doctor concerned with the fact that I had not yet gotten my period, as all the other girls my age had theirs years earlier. I was told that I had less than .08% chance of ever conceiving a child and that there was not a lot they could do about it.

This was devastating news for me, because I had always dreamed of growing up and being a mum and in one short sentence my hopes and dreams had been ripped away from me. Over the years I have transitioned through many emotions about my infertility, from deep depression where I felt I was useless and less of a woman for not being able to do the one thing every life form is here to do, through to a silent acceptance of the situation and finally being able to plan a childless future for myself.

One of the extremely few highlights of having PCOS is that I don’t get periods. Supposedly!

I always get a kick out of responding to the comment ‘you can’t trust anything that bleeds for five days without dying’ with “Yeah, well at least I know I’m trustworthy then huh?” yeah, it often confuddles the crap out of males that there does exist women who don’t get periods, without having to have their innards removed.

I have had to take tablets every once in a while to bring on a period in order to ‘clean it out’, but in my 33 years, I am lucky to have experienced only a handful of natural periods (3 to be exact).

Having a period is really quite painful. I don’t know if it’s the same for all women, or if it is because of the long gaps between each cycle that causes such pain for me, but from what I can gather from talking to other women – it is painful for most of us, whether we suffer from PCOS or not.

I admire any woman who can deal with this EVERY month! That is really an achievement and a strength I really don’t think I have.

This can’t POSSIBLY be normal!?!

My guts is in agony, my head hurts, my boobs feel like they’ve been used as punching bags for a few weeks, I am miserable, short tempered and have next to no appetite (now there’s a weight loss program) and then of course there’s the actual period – which I find unbearably gross!

How the hell do women deal with this on a monthly basis? More to the point, how the hell do women continue going to work and maintaining a ‘normal’ lifestyle whilst contending to all this cruelty?

Yeah, yeah, I know – I’m a woman, so of course I am going to whinge about all this. But let me tell you right now, from a woman who rarely gets periods – this shit SUCKS!!! And it should NOT be considered normal!

I am going to head back to bed now and cuddle up to my hot water bottle like my life depends on it (because in all honesty, I really think it does) and continue feeling sorry for myself and all women in the world who have to deal with this inhumane experience.

To all you women out there who have to live with this experience without getting the sympathy you so deserve – I am here for you, I feel your pain (I’m sure I’m feeling the period pain of every woman on Earth right now).

You are not alone!


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