I am Woman, Hear me Whinge!

I realise that majority of women are fighting for their stance within society, standing up for ‘equal rights’ in what they perceive to be a male-dominant world. But seriously, how does screaming about the incompetency’s and flawed makeup of males put you, as a woman in a higher standing? If anything, you are feeding into the belief that women are over-emotional whingers.

I know that this blog post is probably going to spark quite a bit of backlash for me, but you know what, I’ve got pretty tough shoulders and I’m willing to take the risk.

Social media is crawling with meme’s, posts and comments about how inadequate men are and why women should ‘band together’ and ‘stand up for themselves against men’. Since when did being born a female suddenly put you higher up in the food chain? And when did men and women become different species? Aren’t we all human, at least on some level?

Men are continually being perceived as dead beat dad’s, cheaters, liars, women bashers. The list goes on. Then of course you get the ‘nice guys’ being slammed for being losers, sooks, annoying, clingy and pathetic. Guys just can’t win. And no matter how much males try to stand up for themselves and explain their position, there is always a bunch of women rallying together like seagulls at a picnic, ready to slam any defences a male dares to try and put into place.

Men are often classed as arrogant and judgmental if they ever dare to voice that they prefer a girl with a flat stomach, yet women are more than happy to voice that they like a man with a six-pack, who is over 6-foot-tall, with dark hair and sparkling blue eyes, preferably with a tattoo or two (but hey, if he is without we can always work at changing that).

Women around the globe are fighting for their right to breast feed in public, because after all, men are allowed to show their nipples, so why the hell can’t women? Any woman who claims that there is no difference between the male and the female breast, obviously has no understanding of the human anatomy and obviously has not paid much attention whilst shopping for bra’s (notice that unlike socks, there is not a menswear section for bras?). Don’t get me wrong, I totally support women feeding their infants whilst in public, without having to cover their babies head with a blanket. However, there are ways to remain conservative. You don’t have to go whipping out your swollen breast in the middle of a packed food court, only to realise you’ve not yet even taken your baby out of the stroller. Yet, once again, women are running around in packs, whipping out their boobs in public (some of these women don’t even HAVE infants) in an attempt to ‘make a point’. Well if that doesn’t show a lack of ability to adequately stipulate one’s opinions and why they are worthy of consideration for change, I don’t know what is.

Then of course you have the appalling high number of women who have been abused by men, either physically, emotionally or otherwise. I in no way condone any form of abuse, whether in a relationship or otherwise. Yet, I somehow doubt that women are the only victims of abuse. Men get abused too – and abuse against men can be just as traumatic and dangerous as abuse against women. Since when did being born with a penis make your life and mental health any less important? There are countless men living with woman who hit them, take control of their finances, cut them off from their friends and family and threaten to cause more harm to them or their children if they dare to leave. The difference is, men are viewed as stronger than women in so many ways that they often get left behind and forgotten about. And don’t try to tell me men are not stronger than women in any way, because that claim is seriously not even worthy of argument.

So many children are being raised without knowing who their father is, simply because a woman wanted to get revenge. Admittedly, there are some men who should be kept away from their children in order to maintain the child’s safety (There are also many mothers who should be kept away from their children for the same reason). Children are NOT pawns and should NEVER be brought into disputes between parents. Keeping a child away from either of their parents is damaging to the child, no matter how you look at it. Don’t try and weasel your way around it to justify your decisions. The way YOU feel about the other parent is totally irrelevant and has no place in this discussion. Just because you perceive them to be a shitty partner, does not make them a shitty parent. This goes for both men and women, however personally, I see a lot more mothers keeping their children from their fathers. This does not mean to say that men don’t play the same game though.

Don’t get me wrong, not all men are Prince Charming. I have been in a violent, abusive relationship. I have been the victim of sexual assault. I have witnessed countless men being prime examples of why women whinge about males. But I have also witnessed a lot of women being prime examples of why so many men struggle to show women the respect they so loudly demand.

At the end of the day, we are all human. There are men out there that are arrogant, judgemental pigs. There are men out there who are bad fathers and abusive partners. There are also men out there who are kind, considerate, understanding. There are wonderful fathers and near-perfect partners. On the other hand, there are also whingeing, conniving bitches out there too, just as there are kind, considerate, understanding women who make wonderful mothers and near-perfect partners.

And for those people who want to label me a ‘meninist’ (because there will undoubtedly be a few), I know there are men out there that comfortably fit into the little box of horrible that so many women enjoy dipping into, but you must know they are the MINORITY!

I am not trying to say that ALL women are whingers who place themselves on a pedestal high above men, but those who have really need a wakeup call – the sort that makes them fall off the damn thing!

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