Experiencing An Epileptic Seizure!

'Tangled Perception' novel - Chapter 3. This novel was previously titled 'Universal Minds'.

Sammy walked in to her son’s dull hospital room. She approached his bed and checked to make sure that he hadn’t woken while she was away. She had no idea why she was so adamant that her son would be okay, she had heard everything the doctors had told her, bit something stopped her from letting go of him too easily. She was sure there was more that could be done for Riley and she wasn’t going to say good bye to him until she knew they had tried everything possible to save him first.

She sat down next to his bed and watched him for a while, as she remembered all the times she had spent with him, laughing, playing, chasing ducks. The time when she had watched him take his first steps and when she heard his first words. Tears streamed down her face as she watched him and she silently prayed for a miracle.

Wiping away tears, she rose from the chair and gently kissed her son’s good hand, before heading down to the cafeteria. The nurses nodded to her with their grim smiles as she passed them, mumbling ‘good morning’ to them in return. It was obvious that they pitied her, though none of them ever said anything. They all knew her by name now and she knew their roster. She knew which nurses would be taking care of Riley each day of the week and at what time their shifts would begin and end.

The cafeteria was incredibly crowded, even for a Sunday. It was an open plan dining area, just off to the side of the wide corridor near the main entrance of the hospital. People were lined up out in the corridor and every table was occupied.

Sammy sighed and moved to the end of the line. She would have gone back to Riley instead of waiting for an hour in a queue, if she didn’t feel so unbelievably parched. Her throat was on fire and she wandered if perhaps she was coming down with a cold or a throat infection.

Panic gripped her as she realised that if she got sick, she would not be able to see Riley, the chances of him catching it would be too great. There was no way she was going to risk it. She would see the nurses before going back into Riley’s room, just to be sure. She could feel the blood rising to her face, as her fear increased. What would she do with herself? What would happen if Riley woke up and she wasn’t able to see him? She could feel tears threatening her again and she shook her head to erase the thoughts. There wasn’t much point in worrying about it now, she realised there was nothing she could do about it for the time being anyway.

Ahead in the line, a little girl in a pink and white frilly dress whined at her mother for a chocolate. She stomped her little foot, with her white frilled socks and little pink sandals. Her mother was telling her she couldn’t have a chocolate because she would mess up her new dress. The child whined in protest. Sammy had to fight the urge to run to the child and swoop her up into her arms and soothe her by getting her the chocolate she had requested.

Suddenly, Sammy felt short of breath. She gulped for air, as she felt her head begin to pulsate. The noises of the cafeteria became muffled and her vision blurred. The top of her head became extremely warm, as though someone had turned on a heat lamp inside her brain. The heat rushed from her head, down through to the rest of her body. Her skin felt clammy and she could feel the beads of sweat rolling down her spine. Her eyelids felt too heavy for her and everything looked as though she was trying to see through water.

Her chest felt constricted and no matter how deeply she tried to inhale, it was as though no oxygen was reaching her lungs. She put a hand up to her chest, as her knees gave way beneath her and she felt herself fall to the ground. Someone had tried to catch her. She felt hands on her and heard the panicked voices of the people around her. People were asking what was wrong and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t reply to them.

She knew her eyes were open, she could feel the cold air on her irises, but she couldn’t see anything but a grey blur. Someone pried her purse from her fingers, which had stiffened and curled up like the legs of a dying spider. The muscles in her back felt as though they were shrinking and she felt her spine curve and her back arched, as though her body was attempting to fold itself.

“Her name is Samantha Norward,” someone called and she felt something soft being placed underneath the back of her head. She still couldn’t see anything, but she could sense that there were a lot of people around her and that they were all looking at her.

“Samantha?” A different voice, which sounded incredibly close to her, it almost sounded as though it was inside her own head. “Samantha Forward?” The same voice sounded. She tried to reply to the voice, but her jaw was jammed closed. She attempted to mumble, but her voice wouldn’t operate. Her tongue was so stiff it hurt. Every muscle in her body ached, as she felt her entire body thrash around on the floor.

Whatever had been placed under her head wasn’t so soft anymore, as she felt the back of her head smacking into it over and over again. Her toes curled up inside her shoes and the pain shot up the inside of her legs. She felt her teeth grinding together as she tried to speak and it felt as though the veins in her neck were about to break through her skin.

She could feel her heart pounding, not only in her chest, but through her entire body, it felt as though the blood was being pumped through her body with such force, she was about to explode with the pressure. She could feel the blood as it ran through her arms, down to her fingertips and through her legs down to her toes. Her eyes felt like they were being forced out of their sockets as her pulse beat furiously behind them.

Just as suddenly as the feeling had washed over her, an amazing calmness swept over her body. She felt her limbs relax first, then her back and then her eyes finally closed, though she could still only see the greyish blur. She felt the warmth of her urine, as her body released it’s hold on her muscles. Her throat and her tongue were the last to relax. She could no longer hear the voices of the other patrons around her, as she felt herself slip away into the deeper depths of her own mind.

based on my own experiences of having an epileptic seizure.

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