Take Me Into Your Arms - A Poem of Heroin.

Updated: May 18, 2019

So, now little man, you’ve grown tired of grass,

L.S.D, Acid, Cocaine and Hash,

And someone pretending to be a friend,

Said I will introduce you to Miss Heroin.

Well honey before you start fooling with me,

Just let me inform you of how it will be,

For I will seduce you and make you my slave,

I’ve sent men much stronger than you to their grave.

You think you could never become a disgrace,

And end up addicted to poppy-seed waste,

So you’ll start inhaling me one afternoon,

And then you’ll take me in your arm very soon.

Then once I have entered deep down in your brain,

The craving will nearly drive you insane,

Then you’ll need lots of money, as you have been told,

For darling, I’m much more expensive than gold.

You’ll swindle your mother and just for a buck,

You’ll turn into something vile and corrupt,

You’ll mug and you’ll steal for my narcotic charm,

And then feel contentment when I’m in your arm.

The vomit, the cramps, your guts tied in a knot,

Your jangling nerves screaming, for just one more shot,

The day when you realise the monster you’ve grown,

You’ll solemnly promise to leave me alone.

You’ll give up your morals, your conscience, your heart,

And you will be mine… Til’ death do us part.

Wally Guilfoyle holding me, his baby daughter, the day I was born. (15/06/1983)

By Walter Charles Guilfoyle. 3/3/52 - 29/10/97

My Dad.

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