This Time - An Epileptic Tale

Last night I went to bed at 9pm, which is average for me. For some unknown reason I struggled to get to sleep, a story I think anyone can relate to on some level. Sometimes thoughts continue to whirl through our mind, or our bodies just aren’t ready to relax yet and we sometimes spend hours tossing and turning willing ourselves to shut down, but it doesn’t happen.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep (finally) my medical Assistance dog and his trusty sidekick (the younger dog) jumped up on the bed and began nudging me with their cold, wet noses, whining, yapping and bouncing around like they were busting for the toilet. I was far from impressed!

I grudgingly got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom to relieve myself before letting them outside. I opened the bathroom door and immediately realised what the dogs were doing. But it was too late.

I tried to lean against the bathroom counter to slow my fall, but I misjudged and instead connected the bathroom counter with my forehead.

It only lasted a few minutes, but in that time I had relieved myself and woke on the cold bathroom floor in a pool of my own urine with two very distressed dogs nudging their wet noses on my pounding forehead.

I managed to get myself up off the floor, have a quick rinse sitting on the floor of the shower, dress myself and make my way back to bed.

I did manage to sleep for a little while, but woke later unable to move, as my head was pounding, my heart was racing and I was shaking.

What caused this?

Well, I had spent a lot of time on the computer the last few days, that could have been the reason. I had also eaten less dairy than usual, which could have brought it on. I’d had a misunderstanding with a family member earlier that day, that may have triggered it?

Perhaps it was because of the weather? It was rather cold and I’d been heating my room, so the changes in temperature from one room to the next could have caused it? Or maybe it was the lightning outside my window?

This is life with Epilepsy - Every small detail and aspect of your life could be the next trigger!! Please don’t tell me that society relying on technology isn’t so bad, or that sending an e-mail only takes a few minutes, so it won’t make much difference. Please don’t laugh at me for not knowing what you’re talking about when you make reference to television or films that I cannot watch. Please don’t tell me that the rubbish collection truck having a flashing light is not a problem, or that sitting on a bus near the door doesn’t make a difference.

When you live with epilepsy the whole world is full of triggers. Lights, weather, foods, even something as simple as a conversation that upsets you or looking through a dirty window or hearing someone yelling in the distance could be enough to ruin my day.

If you were to spend just one hour paying attention to every potential trigger around you, it will give you a bit more insight as to what life is like for someone living with epilepsy and their families.

Please help raise awareness to Epilepsy. In our forever changing world it is often too easy to leave us behind.

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